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Company Background

Creative business concepts are the seeds that sprout new business opportunities and provide a fresh and unique image for your company, organization or event.

J.P. Lewis, Owner / Producer, brings 30 plus years of experience to your business, marketing and entertainment goals with a common sense approach to meet and exceed your business goals and objectives.

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About The Producer...

J.P. Lewis
Owner / Producer

J.P. Lewis is a 30 year veteran of the entertainment / media industry. His extensive background and experience has come to include over 600 professional television, film, music and multimedia credits. Mr. Lewis has also authored and co-authored several books and articles on topics ranging from environmental stewardship, to education and entertainment.

Television / Film

ESPN 2 Sportsbreak
(Northeast Ohio Affiliate)

- Produced 155 weekly episodes from 1997-2001
- In House and On Location Shooting
- Digital Editing
- Sponsorship Advertising

Highlights included:

- The Pro Football HOF game, parade and ceremonies (97-00)
- 1999 Cleveland Browns Expansion Draft coverage
- Massillon / McKinley HS Football Features ('97-00)
- Geauga Lake Sports and Ski Show

The Son Of Ghoul Show (late night comedy/horror movie)

- Produced 250+ weekly episodes from 1995-2001
- In House and On Location Shooting
- Live To Tape and Digital Editing
- Green Screen Composites & Special Effects
- Special Event Promotions

Highlights Included:

- HBO Feature Film segment for "Little Miss Magic" 1996
- Hooter's Swimsuit Competition Coverage 1996
- 10th Anniversary Show 1996
- Frightvision Film / Television Convention 1999
- Geauga Lake Live Taped Performances 2000

Television Advertising

- TJ Dillon's Pub
- 15 sec. spot "Mass/McK Game" (2012)
- Quality Computers - 30 sec. spot "UFOs Over Downtown Massillon" (1996)
- Rock N Resort Music Festival - 30 sec. spot "3rd Annual Rock N Resort" (2006)
- Lyon's Den Golf - 30 sec. spot "Play If You Dare" (1999)
- Coppers Restaurant - 30 sec. spot "Yesterday & Today" (1998)
- Scorchers - 30 sec. spot "Scorchers Massillon" (1999)
- First National Bank - 30 sec. spot "Your Hometown Bank" (1997)

Digital Media Production DVD / CD Promos

- Key Corp / Key Tech Training Videos (1998)
- Clay's Park Resort Promotional Video DVDs ('08-12)
- Geotech Chemical CD Presentation (1998)
- Dude's Band Animated Cartoon Series (in production)
- Time Machine Detective Computer Game (2012)

Internet & Mobile Web Development

- Heggy's Candy Company
- T.J. Dillon's Pub
- NHA Formulary Vitamins / Supplements
- Joey's Kendal Tavern
- Vito Corleone's Italian Grille

Print Media Design / Graphic Art

- Heggy's Trifold Brochure / Phone Order Menu (2012)
- TJ Dillon's Promotional Flyers ('10-12)
- Joey's Kendal Tavern Menu ('11-12)
- Copper's In House Menu ('98-00)
- Rock N Resort Music Festival Posters / Print Ads ('05-10)
- Clay's Park Resort 8-page full color brochure ('08-12)
- Talon Model Comp Sheets ('95-01)
- The Overtones (band) Promotional Flyers ('01-12)
- Willoughby Mortgage / Insurance Print Ads ('05-10)

Live Entertainment / Audio Production

- Lou Man's Woodstark Showcase live tour (2012)
- 2012 Indie Art & Music Show (Mass. Museum - 2012)
- The Overtones (band - '02-13)
- Clay's Park Resort Live Sound / Emcee ('02-12)
- Rock N Resort Music Festival Live Sound (beach & late nite stages - '05-10)
- Copper's Live Jam Night ('88-91)
- You Look Like Me (band) 6-song EP (1988)

J.P. Lewis Personal Bio

Born and raised in Burbank, CA, J.P. was inspired by the sights, sounds and technologies of the television and entertainment industry in the 1960s. He had first hand views behind the scenes of television productions for NBC programs including "Rowan & Martin's Laugh In" and soon began recording himself performing songs and cartoon voice characterizations.

His family moved to Massillon, Ohio in the early/mid 70s, where he would begin performing music professionally in local clubs at the age of 14. He performed on guitar, keyboards and vocals with showcase groups for country clubs, fashion shows and television commercials. In high school, he performed with the Massillon Tiger Marching Swing Band, as well as their symphonic and jazz bands, taking home medals and awards in several categories from '76-'79.

J.P. was a student assistant in the Television / Radio programs for local television productions. Mr. Lewis states, "It truly felt like the golden age of television... We were still using black / white reel to reel video". After graduating, he attended Akron University, majoring in Mass Media / Communication and The Recording Workshop for record / audio production and maintenance.

He continued performing musically, as well as working as a live sound engineer with several area touring groups. In 1986, he formed the original music group "You Look Like Me", which released several tracks for radio and television programs. "One of the greatest moments was driving down I-77 and hearing one of my songs played on the radio", Lewis noted. He also made several appearances on "The Son Of Ghoul Show" with YLLM, before relocating back to Los Angeles in 1990.

J.P. took an hiatus from the music business and returned to NE Ohio in 1991, where he began pursuing a career in broadcast television. He worked as a master control operator at WOAC-TV 67 and soon became Chief Operator in charge of On-Air Production. After WOAC was sold to Whitehead Media in 1995, Mr. Lewis opened his own television / media production facility, producing two weekly television programs including "The Son Of Ghoul Show" and a local affiliate program for ESPN 2 Sports Network. He also produced a segment with The Son Of Ghoul for the feature film "Little Miss Magic", which premiered nationally on HBO networks.

In 2001, J.P. downsized his operation to a home studio and continued working in media production and returned to his musical roots as a solo performer, as well as a member of the classic rock / R&B group "The Overtones".

Currently, he is producing several independent media projects including the animated cartoon series, "Dude's Band" and the CSI styled computer game, "Time Machine Detective". Additionally, J.P. has written several independent sitcoms, shorts and feature length screenplays.