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Small Business Bundle

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While, the current economy makes it harder to grow and expand your business, Lou Man Entertainment / Media is offering a special package for small businesses and independent contractors.

We have included some of our most popular services into one complete package, at affordable pricing.

What is included in the media bundle?

Our small business media bundle includes:

- One Standard Website (10-12 pages)
- One Mobile Web Site App (4-5 functions)
- 250 Full Color Business or Customer Incentive Cards
- Incorporates Your Social Media Sites*
- FREE Tech Support!

Why is this a good deal for my business?

The primary benefits include:

- Consistent company branding across all media formats
- Keep better communications with your customers
- Turnkey solutions through one company
- Keep costs down with low monthly hosting fees
- Upgrade your services as your online business grows

What if I already have a website?

Many companies already have a website, however it may just be sitting in cyber space collecting dust and not accomplishing it's primary goal... To help grow your business.

"We understand that your website should be an extension of your physical business." If you haven't changed the content or even visited your website in months, any potential customers that do visit, may find the information outdated or can't find the information they need at all.

A new website designed by Lou Man Entertainment / Media can help upgrade your company's image and create a user friendly experience that attracts customers.

Additionally, with the increased number of smart phone users, your mobile app will allow them to find information quickly and/or contact you while they're on the go!

Our new media bundle is just the thing to help jump-start your business in the new year! We also provide customized quotes to specifically fit your company media needs.

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* We can also help increase your social media presence if you are not already listed.

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